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The general said the The coming days would be long

Le 15 January 2015, 10:12 dans Humeurs 0

1991 the beginning of winter for twelve days, my mom is my birth day. Be fully prepared to I was born in the early winter, three days is the snow. Although the mouth for those forms of things sniff at, but can not deny that he is a form with a strong sense of the people. This time point what is necessary.
I don't know what I want to write what, but if the beneficial harmless. Perhaps because life in the winter, especially like the winter sunshine. I think most people, warm is hard to refuse. The physical disease and social disease mostly can be blamed on the cold. Suddenly feel the winter should be able to save lives. This is the people, play fast and loose. Summer is a bit cool, such as temporary amnesty, winter when there is a ray of sunshine is like Buddha shines. But not broken, can still survive in this world.
"The world Xuan Huang, the universe, the moon and profits decline, Zhang places out, as summer goes and winter comes, Akishujika Tokura." The seasons change the sun and the moon and the lifting of the law, our ancestors had to do the most perfect annotation. But who can't keep these years, it has been said that life is a one-way ticket for a one-way ticket, we also have no how much spare time can turn back.
The woman always entanglements so long in the age issue, have less people to death also admitted feeling. I also gradually to such a stage, will inevitably encounter asked the age of people in life. Sharp teeth sleek saw must be the world to small said, said long tender point at dress never said junior middle school students. Hothead is more honest, a see said no 12 also have twenty. You asked why, he said that folds to see your eyes. Your eyes a stare, there was the timestamp in the feeling of laodicea. Eighteen years of the first wrinkles, carefully count should also have several. A few years ago the home whether relatives or neighbors asked my age, my dad always say several of the twenty. At that time I will back to the sentence my nineteen birthday after only two months. The older generation of about twenty-one male and twenty-four female long, long the long-standing argument. Three seven female really dental hygiene long pole, really not the child, by Chunsheng summer long Akishujika Tokura, has been growing season.
Always do not want to grow up, not hate this man is more long more small good. But be of no avail, when you see the father sent the forest of white hair, mother must take medicine for high blood pressure every day. Grandma nagging, total issued in this life do not know can not see you married exclamation.
The days grew perceptibly, age. Before we grow and mature at the same time, a group of people are the trend and the way we waved goodbye. The general said the The coming days would be long., really do not know how long this tomorrow is. Is long as the winter night or summer day, the longest night will have dawn succeeded, day long again will also hand in hand with dusk and return. The South and north of the polar day and polar night also change relative. This is long is short, not even talk about.
Most of the time, a temporary separation is to part company each going his own way, a left is never ever meet again. Many a night I have a dream, pass by previously visited the place, dream of the people has already left. After wake up a daze, and then slowly fall asleep. The second day wake up, shook his head, continue to do the right thing.

Never leave

Le 9 April 2014, 10:00 dans Humeurs 0

I love to see Liu Nian meditating, mounted like a small adult, there are only seventeen eight years old only, but also like the elderly want to many, many I cannot read what he writes, he told me: "I really need is to see my heart people from the text." I was grateful to him, to accompany me, never leave.
There are two sides to the middle shell is a coherent, Liu Nian and I are so young, we can also say that the male version of the twin. He and I have not the same heart, I rejoice with him have the same appearance. So, I can't see his heart, also cannot read, who the hell is he? Maybe he is my faithful to his heart, to protect he must not be a harm, just like my love, I cannot have the best, but give each other the best.
See the two women in the area, including a short hair, at first glance like a boy, because the hair is short, I told the bass, actually, I like this type of. They do not know whether the two is la la, but let her call what! In fact, Liu Nian and I are so ah, we not glass, but always together, follow like a shadow, and we lay on a bed, never feel embarrassed, but because of the cold weather and hug, this is our Liu Huaike and Liu years.
Grew up together, wearing the same clothes, eat the same meals, do the same things, like we are the world's only two people are the same, I won't tell anyone of his presence, even if he really exist.
When I went to senior high school, he will give Liu Nian said: "I need to be more free, not bound by a heavy workload." He worked as a waiter, in the school nearby restaurants where each party, we have to go there, but Liu Nian said, he would not give us food, I asked why, he said he was afraid to see the true friendship, he want to have one, but no one in the community will also take the sincerity. A. I think Liu Nian is such a vulnerable children, no one to take care of, oneself hold up our lives every road. Liu Nian love to cry, he says he is not a man, every time on my shoulder crying half alive when, I always love the experienced so many boys, his heart already vulnerable to not play through the damage. He is like a life abandoned live in own world, his world, he said only let me, again not impossible to have other people. I smiled and said, you have to marry the future ah, you still have to have your bride with your world, love each other and then have their own children. He said, I do not want to understand what is love, always see love is a good thing, I have no courage to abandon distrust experienced betrayal, as I will be hurt the most finally I told the world that I was wrong. Liu Nian thought I was unpredictable, also had to look at him, this is a how clean the boys.

Years of quiet in my dream

Le 20 March 2014, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

The cooler weather, the morning clothes for the son, the son found a lot of tall, has not fit the season clothes. I meditate in the wardrobe before the half of the day, feel as a mother his duty. Although every day to accompany with the child, to take care of his personal life, urged his learning, but the children are not carefully, as prepared in advance. It had good. In fact, a few days ago when finishing their clothes and took a look at his clothes, feel the child has not grown much, first half of spring clothes can wear, but I was wrong, the child during the first half of the clothes have several pieces still last year through a mother, how so careless as to the point. In the process of children, also cannot intentnesses heart communicate with him and play, my company is always low quality, in fact, the child also can feel.

Last night, the mother call, said her children crying badly, I do not know what to do. I remembered her sick child already hanging needle hang to eighth days, three days before the Mid Autumn Festival is put off to accompany me to the hospital, at first I also get to sleep that night, only forty days of delicate children will have what mishap, but the days in addition to phone calls, but separated by ten Jiershi minutes I had never made a special trip to visit. My sister is to celebrate the sixty birthday of father specially came from Shenzhen, with the only child to us for a month. My house is big, too big to some room I could one or two months will not go into, in order to meet the arrival of my sister Zhang flag Gulou downstairs on the floor five bed, hope siblings and parents in my family reunion after a mid autumn festival but also for his father. But my parents insisted on to the younger brother rent a small house live, even the little sister also go together. She said, I and Yang Tiantian work, Zai Zai school, work and housework at home, if you take care of their mother too hard. I propose that mom and dad come over to accompany her lesson, brother and two children, especially little niece was just one year old, in my family likes to climb stairs, my fence is also doing sparse, too many unsafe factors. In all, it is the most fundamental reason they think I and Yang Taimang, and the fear that they will be too many people let baby baby can't settle down to study homework at home.
I heard the child cry from the mother's phone, feel father mother brother sister sister they be at a loss what to do, then, decided to go to have a look the child. The child to sleep, but sleep is restless, from time to time by breathing, I can hear it with sputum. A few days ago in addition to child tracheitis also diarrhea, these two days is not diarrhea, but also do not pull off. I want to Is it right? Child diarrhea well has been feeding diarrhea, sister said no, for diarrhea has been disabled for three or four days. My mother asked me to give children try to use point of Enema Glycerini, can look at such a small child, I decided to use the method of rubbing the stomach to the children try. Give the child massage for a few minutes, it pulled out of the stool. My little sister and sister-in-law after all experience lacking, mom that one has been out of date, the child just on the primary school I, with children is actually very experienced, but I always excuse busy work, not enough attention to small nephew. Like my father's birthday, our dinner, when I saw his nephew, his breath phlegm sound obvious, sucking breath voice sounds like the baby uncomfortable, I think he was picked up, empty palm in his on the back while he spit out. In fact, I do this sister, sister and sister child care is not enough. Last night, see a child, my little nephew saw sister-in-law to buy clothes, I look after the sister-in-law said "too small, to change a large". I know that children should wear more clothes, sister is not convenient to go out, nephew to buy clothes in this matter should I do. My sister clothes, I do not know my mother or sister, worn on the body is feeling empty, sister-in-law was very high, my mother than sister fat, but me and my two sister size almost, we three clothes can wear, the weather changes, how do I I didn't expect to sister sent to several sets of clothes? Look at the result of insufficient milk and will not drink milk little nephew, I advised my sister to eat, but also come up with the original in order to have adequate milk every meal eat three bowls of deeds to motivate younger sister. In fact, her appetite has been small, recently sick child like many things, do not eat fish and shrimp. I suddenly remembered, had promised to give her milk brewed wine, but, I forgot. I really do not know these days, He Kuifei, what do you want? What are you doing?

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